How I Handle Bullying

I do not support bullying in any way, and I think that bullying needs to be eliminated, however, bullying is common in schools and the world so I want to share with you all what I do to cope, deal, and ultimately conquer my bullies. When I say, “conquer my bullies,” I do not mean to beat them up or get my revenge on them, but rather, be me while defending myself. Anyways this is what I do to conquer my bullies

In the heat of the moment… I do not lash out

I think that if someone sees you as greater than they are, then they will want to bring you down. I know how insecurities affect how people act, so, I act nice to everyone no matter how hard they are hitting me with their words. I do not know what they are going through and I know that their pain could be worse than mine, so I just act nice to them all the way.

I remember one time there was this kid who was bullying me in class and I just responded back to him the same way that he responded back to me, and he immediately stopped. I was so mad that day but I couldn’t help but think to myself that I did something wrong. In a way I did do something wrong, however, everyone knew me as the nice guy and I actually gained a few good friends in the process. Everyone else thought that this kid was annoying so it didn’t really hurt me, but rather, it hurt himself.

I walk away

If the situation ever gets too much, I walk away. I am a human being and as such I deserve to be treated in a humane manner, so if people don’t appreciate me, then I just walk away because they will never know how great of a friend I can be. I know that the type of friendship that I give is a friendship that is invaluable to any other friend that they have ever seen, so who’s losing there, me, or them?

Ultimately They are hurting themselves

If I see someone who is acting like a jerk, I won’t be the only person to see that. Everyone see’s if someone is acting like a jerk. I am not alone in the pain. I can’t fix how people act, but I can determine how I respond to the situation.

Thank you all so much for listening in on this blog post. Please like, share, subscribe, and I will see you all next time. Till then. German Gonzalez, signing out!

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