Where I go for help

It is my personal belief that everyone has some sort of help in this world. Help that can change your life for the better. I feel so blessed at the fact that I know what my help is. I know that if I ever need anything then I know who I can go to. Let me go over a few of the places that I go to for help, shall we.

I go to my parents

I have learned that my parents are there to help me and guide me in this world. This world can be pretty harsh at time and my parents are only in it for my best interest. My parents who loved me from the first day that I was born. I know that I can go to them for anything in life. Whether that’s help emotionally or help intelligently, I can go to them.

I go to my spiritual leader

I have actually developed a relationship with my pastor. I know that if I ever want a more spiritually sound advice, then I can go to him. Even though I know that he may be wrong in a few things, they’re nothing compared to the amount of help that he has given me. I am Christian so he gives me Christian advice.

I go to my sisters

Both of my sisters are smart and wise in their own ways. I need both of them to guide me into doing the right thing. It’s important to heed the warnings and knowledge that my family gives me because they can see things that I might not be able to see. I love both of my sisters, even though they get on my nerves sometimes, they are family no matter what.

Lastly and certainly not least, I consult myself

No one knows me better than me. So, I have to first consult myself and rationalize with myself what is actually going on. Sometimes all of these people will not be there for me no matter how much they love me and I have to take actions into my own hands. So, instead of panicing or worrying, I have to take action and think it through. Thinking it through could include thinking on my feet and concentrating on solving the problem on the go. Thinking it through could also mean adjusting and setting myself up for success. Either way, try and solve the problem on your own before you try and get someone else involved, but if it’s too great, get other people involved.

Well that’s it for this blog post, I hope that I have been an encouragement and inspiration to you guys. Please like, share, and comment and I will see you all next time. German Gonzalez, signing out!

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