Introducing German

 Hello! My Name is German Gonzalez and I’m a peer support specialist, student, son, musician, and Christian. I was born in El Salvador and I immigrated over here to the United States when I was 2 years old. I enjoy writing, reading, watching movies, learning, playing guitar, piano, bass, and singing: I also enjoy helping people. The way I got started in peer support was by going to a place (which you know as Trillium Center) and just attending some of the groups and events that they held there. I loved to play pool and spades, two of my favorite things to do at Trillium. I voted to start this blog and get posts up. I believe this blog will help, inspire, change lives, and create a relationship with a wide variety of people in the world and in our community. I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective features, psychosis, bipolar, and I just realized that for the longest time, I had depression. I have plenty of lived experience dealing with mental illness and the system of mental illness. I wish to help you all to the utmost of my abilities. So, don’t forget to ask questions, leave comments, like, share, and subscribe. I will see you all in the blog!

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