Music and mental health

Music: why is it important to our mental health? Music has been proven to affect the way that you think whether it’s positive or negative. The way that you think has to be something good because otherwise we end up depressed, angry, or worse. Today let’s talk about the effects that music has for mental health.

Scientifically proven to affect the mind

In studies done with lab rats, they found that with hip-hop and rock music, the rats couldn’t find their way back through a maze even though there was cheese in it. The most positive forms of music were either gospel or Christian or classical, with classical being the smartest choice among the rats. With Classical music, the rats were able to find the cheese really quickly. In another study done on humans, Classical music was proven to make people actually smarter. So if you’re ever studying for a test, you know where to go.

I did the study on myself a few times and I found that whenever I listen to heavy metal, punk, hip-hop, or rock, I’m less productive and I can’t even finish my work. I found that whenever I listen to Christian or classical music, then I finish all of my work and I’m left with more energy and I find myself doing more productive things. So there’s that.

Music is powerful

Music has the ability to make us get up and dance. Music has the ability to take us places that we’ve never seen before. Music also has the ability to change our lives for the better or worse. When I was in high school, everything was going great until I started listening to rap and rock. I realized that the music that I was listening to was changing who I hung around with and what kind of people I hung around with. I started hanging around with the music students and less with the straight A students. I used to be a straight A student but then I started getting involved with a different scene and I knew it was because I started listening to different types of music.

Music can be therapeutic

The right type of music can get your mind off of a few things in life. Your music can help you heal and transform you. Music is a good distraction and a way to deal with stress. Studies also show that if a student picks up a musical instrument, then they are more likely to go to college.

I hope that you all liked this little tidbit as to what music can do for you, benefits as well as consequences. Thanks again German Gonzalez, signing out.

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