Parents and mental health

My parents are awesome at doing a lot for my mental health. Parents give us love, affection, kindness, they provide an outlet after a hard day at work, and they help us to grow, they can provide for us, as well as instruct us as to the right way to do things. So, what do I think about my parents and my mental health? Well let me tell you.

I believe my parents are helping me

Sometimes it seems like my parents are hurting me. To be honest with you that thought has popped up in my mind a lot. However, more often times than not, the exact opposite is true. My parents have always built me up. Whether that is by giving me encouraging words, instructing me, giving me the resources that I need to get by in life, or just helping me to get through my difficult situations, I have been blessed by parents that truly love me.

I’ll be honest with you guys, there have been times when my parents said something that completely hurt me. However, when I went back and really examined what was going on, they were actually trying to help me. It never dawned on me at the moment that my parents only had my best interests.

Moving forward

To me, I feel like I should listen to my parents at all times. Not only because my religion tells me to do so, but because I have seen in my own experience that listening to your parents is the correct way to go.

Anyways that’s my take on parents and mental health. Thank you all for listening in on this blog post. Be sure to check out Trillium’s website at Trillium is a great resource for people living with mental illness. I know for a fact that I was a complete mess before I got to Trillium. Now, Trillium has helped me with so much, that I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you once again. German Gonzalez, signing out!

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