What I do to keep my spirits up

I do many things to keep my spirits up. Ranging everything from listening to music all the way to playing pool-ball, I like to keep my spirits up. The reason why I like to keep my spirits up is because I feel like in this life, there will be enough hardships that I will have to face, so, I should do my best to stay positive at all times and never let life get me down. Anyways here are a few of the things that I do to keep my spirits up

I listen to music

I used to listen to heavy metal, punk, hip-hop, rock, you name it. However, I realized that listening to all types of music isn’t necessarily a good thing. Actually it could be a harmful thing. So now, I listen to music that only uplifts me. Music that helps me to concentrate on my life and develops myself. The music that I used to listen, cursed and said all of these bad things that in all honesty it’s not me. So, I decided to stay away from all of that nonsense.

I write

Writing in Trillium’s blog is such a huge thing for me. I write my heart out when I write in Trillium’s blog. This helps me to refocus on myself and have a moment of “meditation” if you will. It’s more of like active meditation because I’m doing something that helps me to focus on myself. I also write in my own personal blog. I know that someone out there will find my words encouraging or uplifting and so I aim to write to those people.

I write songs

Writing my own songs is a chance that I get to show off who I really am. It is a way that I can express myself. It is a way to show the world what I really represent. So, I write songs. I know that someday my songwriting can take me places. But for right now, it’s just a way for me to really show the world what I’m all about.

I play pool

Playing pool is so much fun! I love playing pool because it is just so much fun! I get a chance to show the world what I’ve been working on ever since I got a hold of a pool stick and a pool table. It also lets me blow off some steam. Whenever I break, it’s so much fun seeing what my hard work has gotten me. Afterwards, I just do my best to hit all of the balls in a row.

Anyways those were some of the things that I do to keep my spirits up. Please like, subscribe, and comment. Let us know what you do to keep your spirits up. Thank you all for listening in on this blog post, German Gonzalez, signing out!

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