What I do whenever I am going through a crisis

Whenever I go through a crisis, it is always a big mess. I hate going through crises because it interferes with what I am doing at the time. It also gives me a break from life that I don’t really want. However, when I do go through a crisis, I turn it into something good. I turn it into something that I can benefit from. So, I turn my negatives into a positive and these crises that were supposed to bring me down, now have built me up. Let me tell you some of the things that I do whenever I’m going through a crisis.

I keep a cool head

If the police are called, no matter what goes on, I tell myself not to blow up. I say this because I know that if I do blow up, then things will get worse. So far, my method is working out for me because I end up going to a hospital instead of a jail. I get so angry, however, I have faith that by doing what I usually do, I will not hurt myself or anybody else.

I sing

When the crisis is over and I’m at the hospital or in my bed or in my room, I will start to sing because singing helps me to deal with the stress that I’m going through. I usually sing Christian music because it’s peaceful and inspirational, however, sometimes if I’m mad, I will sing some heavy metal or hip hop depending on what’s going on in my mind.

I ask for help

Whenever I’m in crisis, I need help. I need help and sometimes I need desperate help. So, I look for it, whether it be through looking around on the internet or asking someone in person, I aim to seek the answers that are hard to find because I know that it will help me in the short term and the long term. However, I don’t ask just anyone, I ask the people who know more and care about me. If I go up to one of my friends and ask him for advice, he might say it’s time to party it up. It’s time to drink and do other nefarious things. However, if I ask my parents or doctors, they will tell me something different. They will tell me things like, you need to meditate or relieve your stress in positive ways or listen to music. My friends would tell me to go to a rave whereas my parents would tell me to go to church. I appreciate my friends in the fact that they want me to have a good time, but I’m trying to get healthy and safe not wild and dangerous.

Well people that is it for this blog post. I hope that I have given you people some sort of encouragement and hope. Please like, share, comment, and lets us know what you do whenever you go into crisis. German Gonzalez, signing out.

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