Exercise and mental health

Exercise has an important role in our mental health. Exercise stimulates chemicals in our body that affect our mood, stabilizes our emotions, and makes us overall much happier people. Exercise can make us have a positive look on ourselves and shape our bodies into something that we desire. Today we will talk about exercise and why it’s important for mental health.

Stabilizes our mood

Chemicals are released when we perform exercise. These chemicals help to stabilize our mood and emotions. Dopamine, which is the pleasure chemical inside the brain, has been proven to be released when we exercise. Why not feel much happier?

Exercising also releases tension that’s been built up inside the muscles. If we feel stressed out, then our body crunches up and starts to intensify itself; putting a sour strain on ourselves. When we release that tension, it sets us up for a better position in our own lives. Imagine this, if you have a rope and it’s being used to hold a piano, that rope has a lot of strain on itself and needs to let go of the piano or else it will break. Same with our own selves. If we load on too much, we would need time to heal from all of the burdens that we went through.


Exercising not only stabilizes our mood, but is also very beneficial to our own wellbeing. Exercising has been linked to weight-loss, muscle building, strength development, healthier bones, and the way that it makes you feel is incomparable to not exercising.

Muscle building can make us look more attractive. Maybe there’s that one girl you’ve been keeping an eye on and you just want to look good for her when you ask her out. Maybe you want to enter into a body building competition and start winning trophies. Maybe you just want to be fit and look it too. Muscle building is done by exercise.

Strength development is needed for any sport. If you want to perform well, then you need to be strong in the disciplines that matter most. Also, as we get older we become more frail and weak, strength training prevents frailty and increases bone density.

The way it makes you feel is comparable to winning an award. When everyone sees that new person that’s coming out of the car walking with their big bulging biceps, its impressive.

Something productive to do

Instead of worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow, focus on today and live moment by moment. Give it all the best you can be. It is good to have goals and plans but sometimes plans don’t work out and you have to readjust. Exercising will give you something to do. It will free your mind and take you places you never thought possible.

Exercising is something that needs to be done on a consistent basis. It can bring good things to us and develop our mind and body. This has been German Gonzalez, signing out.

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