What made me want to start blogging for Trillium?

I actually have a lot of reasons as to why I wanted to start a blog for Trillium. On top of the fact that it is a great nonprofit that deserves to be written about, it is also where I work, and like my mom always said, Work hard! Haha! All jokes aside, starting this blog means more than just a paycheck from Trillium to me. It is a chance for me to really show what I am all about. It is a chance to be able to write in a blog and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. Anyways, here are a few of the reasons why I started to blog for Trillium.

I get to talk about something I deeply care about

I have been involved with the mental health community for almost a decade and throughout all of my lived experience, I know that I can provide insight and give people an idea as to what it is like to live with a mental illness.

Not only do I get to talk about my mental illness, I get to talk about a community of people (mainly Trillium) that show support for me, that show love for me, and understand me. When I go to a hospital or a doctor, I feel like they know the text book, they know the theories, and I’m not saying that they’re incompetent, but how much do they really know me? If you haven’t been with me on my worst day or my best day, you don’t know me. That’s how I feel anyways.

I also get to voice my opinions about the things going on in my community. I get to voice how much I really care about the things that are impacting my life, the people, and also the way of life that I’m faced with.

I get to develop my writing skills

Writing is something so important to me. I remember I took an AP English class one year and my teacher said that the people who write, are the ones who control the world. Haha! Wouldn’t it be cool if I was someone important enough to be considered amongst those who control the world? Haha with all jokes aside, I don’t write to control the world, but I write because I know that it is an important skill to have.

If you can write, you can get a job that pays really well, that’s the way that I look at it. Also , I song write, so ultimately writing in this blog will eventually transfer over to my writing in my songs, and I know that it will help.

Also, writing in a blog is so much fun! I love everything about it! It’s like I’m writing for a paycheck, but I’m also writing for fun and the joy of writing. I’ll be honest with you guys, I at one point hated writing, but after writing in almost three blog for a few months, man it’s just so much fun!

I get to help out my community

Writing about mental health is giving a voice to those in my community. In a way, I’m representing something greater than me. The community that I serve is something far more significant than what any blog post could put up, but I do my best to show what this community is about.

Also, by me writing in this blog, I am showing the world that even though I have a mental illness, I can still do awesome things. I know that’s a no brainer to some people, but to others it’s a whole new language saying those things.

All in all

So, all in all I write for a wide variety of reasons and this blog is just a way for me to express, develop, and contribute to the society that has helped build me up.

Thank you all for listening in on this blog post. I hope that I have been an encouragement and inspiration to you guys. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe, and I will see you all next time. German Gonzalez, signing out!

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