How I let sadness help me

Sadness, with all it’s sadness, can actually help me. I know that there is a time and place for everything, well I hate to break it to you guys, but there is a time and place for sadness too. I also feel like its not necessarily a bad thing to feel sad, because it’s a human emotion that we feel and sometimes I personally need to embrace it. Anyways, let me share with you how I let sadness heal, comfort, and ultimately guide me to a better future, let’s start.

How I let sadness heal

When we are going through the emotion of pain, sadness is let out. It could literally mean that we cry or it could mean that we are just hurting on the inside. Whatever your way of expressing sadness is, it’s important to understand that it’s not all bad.

I remember when I was a kid, I would be sad a lot. However, I didn’t see that this sadness was actually shaping me into a more developed man. I hated it when people saw me talking to a girl and they would say things like, “hey quit flirting with that girl” I hate that because I’m just getting to know a girl and they have to come crashing down on my joy. That would make me sad, however, when it made me sad, it made me more quiet and I learned to be careful as to what I say to people and when I say it to them. I learned that not all the time is a perfect time to start talking to girls because then you’re just flirting with every girl, haha!

Later on I got sad when I heard people insulting me. Why do you have to insult me? I didn’t do anything to you, but then I learned that people are going to hate because haters going to hate! It’s nothing against me, it’s just that in life there are going to be haters.

My point is this, every time I got sad, I learned, I grew, I developed and matured. Ultimately being sad shaped me into a man that I like.

Now sadness doesn’t always make you grow, sometimes it can tear you down. However, it shouldn’t tear you down to the point where you can’t get out of bed. I certainly didn’t let that happen to me.

So, sadness can be a learning experience, so try your best to learn from it. Sadness can also tear you down, so don’t let it. Look at each day as a day to do your best because then you will get through all types of sadness.

How I let sadness comfort

I let sadness comfort me by crying. Well let me get this straight, I don’t cry. I haven’t cried ever because I’m a man. Not even when I was a baby did I ever cry. But sometimes I understand when I am feeling very sad, I feel something in my eyes, I DON”T KNOW WHAT IT IS, but I feel something tingling and I think it’s me trying to cry, when that happens, I just let it happen because it feels comforting.

Okay enough with the jokes, I do cry, every dude is looking at me and being like, “haha, that wuss!” However those dudes probably cry the most.

Crying is comforting to the heart and sometimes it’s essential that we cry.

I remember that I one time was feeling very down and I started to cry. I cried for a good minute and it could not have been a good minute spent more wisely. After I was done crying, I recuperated and got myself together and then I finished what I had to do.

Crying comforts.

How I let sadness guide me to a better future

Sadness is experience. Sadness are lessons that are valuable.

I’ll give you an example. I one time took a girl out on a date, me and her just got something to eat, and it was the most enjoyable date that I have ever been on. She was smart, and funny, pretty, cool, everything that I wanted in a girl. Anyways, one day she decides to leave me, and I never got to tell her how I truly felt. I never got my chance with her. She’s off doing her own things now, but sometimes I think about her and I start to cry.

So how does that guide me? I told myself that I would never see a girl again, unless I’m ready to marry. Why? Because I know that this time, this girl will be the one that I want to marry. To be honest with you guys, I wanted to marry this girl, but I had a feeling that she wasn’t the right one for me, just a feeling.

I know that my decisions are my decisions and I will look forward to the things that I have set my mind to.

That whole experience allowed me to mature and ultimately I became more of myself. Thank you God.

Thank you all for listening in on this blog post. I hope that I have been an inspiration and a hope to you guys. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe, and I will see you all next time. German Gonzalez, signing out!

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