What mental health struggles am I currently facing

The mental health struggle that I was facing for the longest period of time until recently had been depression. I was always sad. It wasn’t like a super sad feeling but I was always sad. I recently got out of my sad feeling, thank God. Let’s go over how exactly it all happened.

It all started when I was in elementary school.

I had always felt sad, but, I never took it as a depression. I woke up sad and I fell asleep sad. The reason for my sadness is a personal reason, however, my determination and hope kept me going throughout all of those years. I never lost hope that one day that I would be happy and it finally came true. I got out of my depression with a mix of church, the doctors, therapists, and of course my fellow peer support specialists, I was able to find happiness that was unmatched like anything that I have ever seen. I even started to sleep better. The first night that I was happy and liberated from my depression, I slept like a baby and I kept sleeping for a few days like that. I then realized that people want to hear what I have to say. I had always been quiet and the reason for that is because I felt like no one wanted to listen to me, then, I got people who just started asking me questions and when I spoke, it seemed like they were happy that I was actually talking. Talking gave me a sense of freedom because now I had a voice to say my opinions.

What I did to resolve it

I did a lot of prayer to God, a lot of truthfulness, a lot of divulging. I say this because it’s important to speak what’s on your mind when you’re talking to a doctor or a therapist. A doctor and therapist are there to help you. You have to be honest with the people that are in charge of you, whether you do cocaine or are going through PTSD, be honest and cooperate with them. I asked help when I needed and that was often. I asked help from people who were older and wiser than I was. A few times I asked help from the police, I asked them for their wisdom and they gave it to me. I took my medicine, did my exercise, a few other things too and ultimately I was taken care of.

All in all recovery is a process that can be difficult, but, the recovery is well worth it and when it is your time to shine, don’t forget all the people that helped you get there. Thanks for tuning in, this has been German Gonzalez

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