How to prepare for a job interview

Having a job is good for us because we receive what we need and more. A job can give us resources, pay for student loans, get us back in school, and provide a community that cares about our wellbeing. Job interviews can be a little intimidating, but with the proper preparation and careful consideration, you can come out on top and nail that job that you’ve been keeping an eye on. Here are some helpful tips on how to ace that job interview


Not all jobs require this step but resumes need to be carefully made especially when applying for a job that pays a significant amount of money. Resumes should reflect the best of what you are and give the employer a good feeling about contracting you. The skills you put on the resume should be aligned with the position that you want. If, say for example, I know how to use a barista because I one time worked at Panera Bread and you are applying for a language translating job, I will not put that I know how to use a barista. Instead, I will say that I am very well read, know how to speak five languages, and am certified to translate in hospitals. If say, I am applying for a sales job, I will put on there that I have won a salesman of the week award at a previous employer. I will not put everything on my resume but highlight my best skills and accomplishments, which makes my employer comfortable, and begging me to join his team.

Dress up

This goes without saying, but first impressions are everything when meeting with an employer. This gives them a sense of how you present yourself when you are confronted with a customer. So, I will shower, brush my teeth, comb my hair, put some nice clothes on , use mouthwash, and put on some deodorant. Hygiene is not the only thing that is important; my clothes are going to stand out to employers as well. So, I will dress nicely and appropriately, if I’m going for a job at Burger king, it’s not like a suit and tie is needed. However, if you are going to be a manager at a law firm then dressing nicer would be more appropriate.

Be yourself

Everyone’s always on the lookout for the unique individual that will make their company shine. In addition, who knows, my uniqueness might be that special something that the company has been looking for. Therefore, I will never be something that you are not, especially when it comes to the job interview.

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