Finding Success in everyday battles

So the way that this is going to work is that every once in a while we will put up a post about someone’s story on their day to day basis. It could be someone on the internet or it could be someone that we personally know. For the first post in this series we’re going to start with me, the author of the post, German Gonzalez


A time when I found success in an everyday battle would actually have to be when I first started playing the guitar. What happened was that I got by in school doing the bare minimum and getting A’s on my report card while doing so. But, all of that changed when I got the guitar. When I got the guitar, the guitar was something completely different. It required attention to detail, commitment, patience, and sacrifice. I sacrificed a lot to become a good musician (it was well worth it). I was determined and I’ll admit sometimes in my early stages of playing the guitar, I really wanted to quit. But, not only was the guitar a life lesson in facing everyday challenges, it was also fun. I learned so much with the guitar. The lesson was that everyday you’re supposed to give 110 percent of what you are into the job at hand. You’re supposed to be persistent, determined, strong, and never lose sight of the goal ahead. Everyday can prove to be a new battle so take it by the horn of the bull and grab on tight. Don’t let go of it and when you come out of the grind. You will appreciate it, you will love it, you will enjoy it, and no one will compete against you. Every day I practice the guitar, I battle myself out. I learn to overcome my laziness and arrogance because to be honest, sometimes I can get a little cocky with the guitar. I hope I have shared some words of inspiration with you all. Keep being strong I’ll see you all next time.

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