Reasons for Living

In the past, I’ve experienced days, even months, when I felt as if I was stumbling around in darkness. At those times it seemed there was no relief in sight. I know I’m not the only one and I want to share what helped me find my way out.

First, everyone is unique so some things here might resonate more or less strongly with you. I can say, though, that when you are in that place of hopelessness it may be tempting to just declare that nothing is going to help.

So it’s okay if not all I share resonates with you. Consider what might work better for you to keep your eyes on the possibilities. You might think of your religious or spiritual view, people in your life, goals you would like to achieve.

Look at your passions! You have a particular set of concerns and viewpoints about the world. Some people use these worries to fuel a mission that motivates them to leave bed every morning. Passion for making a difference can offer you the spark you’re looking for.

Or consider the possibility that one day you could have the chance to connect to and uplift someone who is in a similar situation to yourself. I can tell you that one of the greatest impacts in my life was meeting a Peer Support Specialist whose story was incredibly inspiring and motivating. I thought, “If she can overcome THAT then there is hope for me!”. That set me on a path that, though not easy, I was determined to continue. Frankly, I was really curious about the possibilities!

Our relationships with the individuals who matter to us the most may be a strong motivator. For me, it was my children. Although adults now, I knew that my choices affect them and I wanted to be a source of goodness, hope, success.

In your lifetime, you never know what you might learn or what might be revealed. Or what you can teach others, how you can inspire from sharing your experiences.

You have untapped potential. Even though no one can predict the future, life constantly presents the chance to realize your full potential as a person, artist, parent, sportsman, and activist…you name it.

We at Trillium are here to show that happiness, success, joy are possible and I hope we inspire you!

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