Why I take mental health breaks

What is a mental health break? A mental health break is a break that you give yourself from your regular workweek in order to recuperate, mentally, from all of the tiring things that the week has to offer. I know that maybe this is not possible for some of you with really hard work weeks, but it doesn’t’ necessarily have to be during the day that I take my mental health break, it can be any time of the day just as long as I reward myself for my efforts, anyways, let’s talk about the importance of a mental health break, shall we?

Gives me a chance to catch up

Taking a mental health break can give me a chance to catch up with the rest of my life. I know for a fact that often times, in school, I had to take many breaks in order to catch up with studying, homework, practice, and so on and so forth. Today, while I work, I need chances to catch up with my health and go and exercise, treat myself to a nice night out with some friends, or maybe even get into a hobby that I have.

I need to get back into the zone

Whenever I go into the work week, I need to be in the zone in order for my work to flow efficiently. I mean like, how can you work when it just feels like a rocky way up? Whenever I’m in the zone, it feels like I’m walking on a nice paved path and it is sunny and cool outside. It feels great!

I need a chance to be me

Whenever I am in the work week, I put on many hats. I put on the worker hat, the business hat, the musician hat, and so on and so forth however, I don’t want to be wearing hats all day long. Sometimes, I just want to be me!

I know for a fact that whenever I am with friends, it’s different than when I’m with family. When I’m with my family, honestly, I like it better when I’m with my family because it feels a little more genuine than being with my friends. When I’m with my friends I have to act as if though I am the baddest of them all. With my family, I can joke the way that I normally joke, I can act the way that I normally act, I can be me!

Anyways that’s my take on mental health breaks. I hope that you guys have found this blog post inspirational and educational. Please give us a thumbs up, subscribe, and I will see you all next time. German Gonzalez, signing out!

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