How to Make it Through a Rough Patch

Hey, I just went through a month long trauma capsule. Fun times.

And, I’m out of it now and really proud of myself! Let me share with you how I saw my way through.

First, I practice daily the skills I share on this blog. That builds resilience and makes it much easier to shift to a skill. I’ve become pretty good at it.

I witnessed myself spiraling due to events, one after another, that triggered subconscious reactions and flashbacks. I could feel myself sliding into severe anxiety. I started experiencing physical symptoms, too.

I realized that there were some things I had to remove myself from that were the initial catalysts. Smart moveā€¦that self care and boundaries tactic!

For the most part, I was able to stay as the witness of what I was experiencing; noticing sensations, staying curious, riding the waves. I will admit I had a couple days when I was feeling iffy about making it through. I reached out to a practitioner asking for an appointment. He emailed back saying that I can make an appointment and also reminding me that I have the ability, knowledge, and tools to see my way through. He suggested I try and see what happens. So I did.

I did a particular process that I’ve practiced often, Core Transformation. Within two hours my stress level was 80% improved. Turns out, I don’t need that appointment. I was able to facilitate my own self-directed healing.

My points? Practice your self care tools. Learn effective modalities. Watch your thoughts. Reach out if necessary. Above all, Don’t Give Up.

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