The Power of Peer Support

If you wanted to learn anything wouldn’t you seek out someone with experience? When I was a competitive swimmer – a long time ago, I might add! – our team would watch videos of the greats like Mark Spitz. When I started my healing from lyme symptoms I sought out someone who had recovered. When I was in a deep depression it was a Peer Support Specialist with lived experience who gave me hope and EVIDENCE that there is such a thing as recovery and healing from depression. That was something all the therapy in the world could not do for me. I am not against therapy. I am all for the additional support that peers offer.

Although everyone’s story is different, and the tools we utilize may vary, peers offer an inside view of their journey…including mistakes, upheavals, and insights to stability. No human being is happy all the time. Recovery is not about a 24/7 state of bliss. Recovery, to me, is about changing perspective, gaining skills, empowering oneself, making good choices (including thoughts and actions), and building resilience.

Peers at Trillium provide a safe space, understanding, and non-judgment. Peers might share some tools that have worked for them without offering advice. It is comforting to be accepted. It is a relief to be with others who understand. These seemingly simple things are powerful for recovery!

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