Breathing and Mental Health

Breath work has become a popular topic along with other practices like yoga and meditation. This blog will not be a comprehensive dive into the different types of breath work, but just a general take on the benefits and even pitfalls.

There are many different techniques such as box breathing, nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), and others. Along with these techniques are the intentions for them.

I have tried various techniques and I prefer to practice the calming ones rather than the more aggressive styles. I did try a particular popular method that was just too much and I actually had an hours long panic attack afterwards. That was several years ago, but I still focus on the ones that promote calm such as belly breathing, box breathing, and alternate nostril breathing.

Calming breath work techniques support mental health by settling the nervous system and promoting presence in the “now”, settling the mind.

Throughout my day I stop to focus on my breath and at night I practice nadi shodhana.

Have you tried breathing techniques and what has helped you?

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