Coping Skills – Looking Forward to Something

There are all kinds of coping skills. Coping skills are things that help during difficult times. Instead of negative or destructive coping skills, Trillium, and this blog focus on positive coping skills. Today, let’s talk about the coping skill of ‘looking forward to something.’

Looking forward to something that makes you happy is a form of hope. Sometimes it’s the tiniest kernel of hope that helps to see us through. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be something that you look forward to. Little things can mean a lot.

I look forward to baths. Beside it being a hygiene thing, I find peace in the tub, so that is certainly a positive. Also, I do things to make baths special. A friend told me years ago that a combination of baking soda and Epsom salts actually work together to draw pain out of muscles. For the longest time, I had a big bag of baking soda and Epsom salt by the tub to do just that. Recently, I bought two containers at the Dollar Tree ($1.25 each) that are probably meant to put candy in. They sit at an angle, and each has a nice top. It makes me happy just to look at them. Also, I love bubble baths and nice smells, so that goes in too. You don’t need all these fancy things for a nice bath. I’m all about making it about as hot as I can stand it and then just flipping side to side so I don’t get cold. There you go, Bath 101!

You could look forward to a visit with someone, or you going to visit someone. Talking on the telephone with a friend is a great thing to look forward to. Asking a friend to walk with you in the mall or looking forward to reading your favorite magazine for free at the library.

I keep a planner where I physically write down appointments, including when I am talking or meeting friends. I know some people put these things in their phone and that’s great, if you understand how and if that’s what you prefer. I write things on paper and/or my planner because, truthfully, I do not understand that capacity of my phone. I like to look at a whole month at a time to  see everything at once. I did learn how to set alarms on my phone. Every day I take a pill at 3 pm. I would not remember it most of the time if it weren’t for that alarm. Planner, alarms – both great tools for looking forward to things.

Lastly, as I can only speak for myself, I like crafting, coloring, and making things, you name it. Sometimes, I have to put time aside (make structure for my day) to allow for my peaceful hobbies. I look forward to my projects, even if I only work on them a little at a time. Is there something that you are looking forward to, or would really enjoy doing? Pick something to look forward to and take baby steps toward your goal. You will be glad that you did!

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