Emotions and Your Body

Think, feel. Feel, think. I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you have an emotion you feel it somewhere in your body. For example, if you’re angry you might feel tension in your jaw. If you’re sad you might feel it in your heart area.

Science has shown that there is a mind/body connection. So, how does knowing this help you?

When you learn how to calm your body you can help change the flow of stress chemicals in your system.

Here’s an example of how to calm your body:

Sit quietly, close your eyes if you’re comfortable to do so.

Take three slow, gentle belly breaths.

In this example, say you notice tension in your jaw. Notice that and then breathe as if you’re breathing into your jaw. And as you breathe out, say out loud or in your mind, “Relax” and allow your jaw to relax. Do that a couple times.

Some other things that can help is moderate exercise, yoga and sleep hygiene. Perhaps try progressive muscle relaxation. Start by tensing the toes on your left foot, then relax. Tense your right toes, relax. Left foot, right foot. Left calf, right calf. And do this all the way up your body. This is especially helpful at bedtime.

Feel free to comment on other relaxation methods you have tried. We can all learn from each other.

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