Managing thoughts and feelings 

Our thoughts and feelings can affect our experience of the world, how we relate to other people, and even how our bodies function.

I can say from experience that stewing in negative thoughts affected my physical health. When I made the decision to actively look for and focus on good thoughts I started healing. Gratitude is a game changer. A few months ago I started a habit by setting a timer every hour to write down one thing I’m grateful for. It didn’t take long for me to start consciously looking for the good in life, nature, people, and situations.

Sometimes talking to others about how we’re feeling can help better understand ourselves and how to deal with hardship. When I say talk to others, I don’t mean just endlessly venting. It’s important to be willing to get feedback and learn.

Mindfulness, focusing on the here and now, can help us connect with our thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness also can be very calming. There are several types of mindfulness practices. I specifically like just noticing and focusing what is around…like squirrels playing in the yard or listening to the planes flying at night.

In conclusion, how we think and feel dramatically contributes to our well being. Maybe you’ll give these ideas a try!

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