Living with Purpose

One of the groups Trillium hosts is Living with Purpose. When I was asked to facilitate the group I really had to give it some thought. What does it mean to live with purpose and how does one identify one’s purpose? Do we choose our purpose? Does purpose mean having an end goal? All kinds of questions. It really wasn’t as simple as it first seemed.

After some inquiry this is what came to me. I don’t think purpose should be confused with goals. To me, purpose is living by core values. Depending on one’s belief system and maturity, values can differ. For example, someone might value giving to others as a show of compassion. This can include giving of time or money. But what if someone values giving, but is limited in both time and money? In that case giving as a value can show up by simply holding the door open for someone.

I think it is important to really think about your values. Even write them down. Knowing your values can direct your purpose.

On a daily basis, I determine my purpose. For example, if I know my values are compassion, learning, staying healthy then I can plan and anticipate how I’ll live out those values “today”.

Let us know in the comments what you think. Is purpose the same as goals? How do values come into play with purpose? 

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