Grounding into Calm

I want to share a technique for shifting into more calm. You probably have heard of this, so maybe this will be a good reminder to commit to the practice. Grounding in this way when you’re feeling anxious will help ease your nervous system and practicing this throughout your day helps sustain that calm.

It just takes a couple minutes and can be practiced most anywhere *although not while you’re driving*.

Whether you are seated or standing…

  • Put your attention on your breath and take a couple slow and gentle inhales and exhales
  • Now, notice what you are touching and describe it to yourself (silently is fine). For example, you might be holding a cup of coffee so notice that it is warm and the cup smooth. Try that with three objects.
  • Next…look and notice things around you. That yellow daffodil, your blue shirt. You get the picture:)
  • Next…if you feel comfortable closing your eyes, but you don’t have to…notice three sounds you are experiencing. The roar of the airplane, the whir of the fan.
  • If you’d like to you can do this with some things you smell and taste.

Just pausing throughout your day to do this simple grounding practice can help you move into the present and out of ruminating or worrying. Give this try by perhaps setting a notification a few times throughout the day and commit to a week or longer. It helps to keep track by writing down what you notice.

Let us know what you experience in the comments.

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