Trigger Tracker: Identifying What Triggers Negative Emotions and Behaviors

Have you ever realized that you reacted poorly to a circumstance even if you didn’t completely understand why you felt that way?

Trust me, you’re not alone:) It is not uncommon to have negative emotions and behaviors, yet, it can be challenging to determine what causes these feelings and behaviors. The use of a trigger tracker can be helpful in situations like these.

A trigger tracker is a tool that helps you detect patterns in your negative emotions and behaviors by documenting when and where they occur. It does this by recording when and where the triggers occur.

To begin using a trigger tracker, you will first need to document the following information each time you are confronted with a destructive emotion or behavior:

The time and date
The incident or circumstance that caused the emotion or action
The feeling or action you underwent
Any ideas or opinions you may have had regarding the event or incident
Your body’s reactions, including any tightness or discomfort

Review your notes to look for trends after keeping a log of your negative thoughts, feelings, and actions. Look for patterns in the circumstances or events that brought on your unfavorable feelings and actions.

You can prevent or control your triggers in the future by recognising them. For instance, if you become nervous before meetings with your supervisor, try to practice relaxation techniques or jot down talking topics in advance.

Using a trigger tracker has also taught me how vital self-awareness is. You can increase awareness of your mental processes and inclinations by focusing on your feelings and activities. This self-awareness can guide your decision-making and enhance your general well-being.

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