The News Overload: How I Find Balance in a World of Information

About a year ago I started noticing increasing anxiety. It was obvious to me that I was scrolling news sources way too much. But, I felt compelled to pick up my phone and look again. I have come to realize the significant impact that listening to too much news can have on my mental well-being.

It started innocently enough—I wanted to stay informed, be aware of current events. However, as I delved deeper into the news rabbit hole, I found myself overwhelmed by a constant barrage of negative stories, sensationalism, and fear-inducing headlines. The more news I consumed, the more anxious and helpless I felt.

It became clear that I needed to find a balance. I made a conscious decision to limit my news intake and prioritize my mental well-being. By limit, I actually mean Go Cold Turkey. Frankly, I was determined to break the “Picking Up My Phone Constantly” habit/addiction. My first step was to inform myself on what it does to the brain (I love science). The information I found helped convince me that I would be so much better off in so many ways. I accepted that it would be difficult, but I love a challenge, too. I chose my starting day, which was actually night:) I turned off my phone and put it all the way on the other end of my room. I also prepared myself with calming breathing techniques for when I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel compelled to reach for my phone. The discomfort wasn’t as severe as I thought albeit somewhat unsettling. Interestingly, within days I found I wasn’t even scrolling during the day and that I didn’t feel compelled to always be reading or listening to something, including music. I feel so much more present and peaceful. Some people establish healthy boundaries by designating specific times to check the news and social media, ensuring they don’t become consumed by it throughout the day. Definitely, find what works for you.

By reducing my exposure to excessive news consumption, I notice a significant shift in my mental state. I feel calmer, more focused, and better equipped to navigate the challenges of daily life. Instead of being overwhelmed by the world’s problems, I channel my energy into taking meaningful actions that align with my values.

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